What to choose between glass break sensor vs motion sensor?

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Motion sensors and glass break sensors are reliable choices for the protection of your home. Even if your home is already protected with window and door sensors. This is because window and door sensors have an activation system which consists of the alarm becoming activated at the opening of the window or door, which does not guarantee complete protection.

This is why the essential question is what more do you need for the ultimate protection? Glass break sensor vs motion sensor, which would be the perfect choice for you?

A person who does not open your door, but simply choose to break a window or sliding door by shattering it, will not activate the alarm, were you aware of this fact? Therefore, all your planning may go to waste after all.

This gives you room for more protective edge to be planned. This means that interior and exterior systems both should be at play here.

Before we go into comparisons, it is pertinent to understand what glass break sensors and motion sensors do in their respective capacities.


What is the role of a glass break sensor?

What to choose between glass break sensor vs motion sensor?

A glass break sensor will ensure that if someone tries to enter your home by shattering the glass, the microphone that is fit in for audio detection can detect the sound of glass breaking. The frequency is detected by the sensor which then in turn activates the alarm system and notifies the relevant systems that are incharge of monitoring.

What is a motion sensor?

What to choose between glass break sensor vs motion sensor?

There are two forms of protection which will ensure complete satisfaction for the client who is trying to protect their home from any kind of intrusion. Firstly, there is perimeter protection which was mentioned in the form of a glass break detector, then furthermore, there are motion sensors which can sense an unwanted person in the room in which the motion sensor has been fitted in.

Motion sensors will not be concerned with how the intrusion happened but once the intruder is sensed in the room inside he house, the alarm activation is done without any time wastage.

Glass break sensor vs motion sensor, which one is better?

Which detector you would use, would depend on a couple of essential factors.

The timing of the alarm for each sensor

Now comes the part where we compare which of the sensors would be a better option. Both are unique in their own ways however since one is external and one is internal, there would be a difference in the kind of help they would provide and the timing capacity in which they would provide it. For example, a glass break sensor would provide it when the break in happens and a motion sensor will tell once the intruder is already inside the house.

The structure of your house

Furthermore, it also depends on the kind of home that you have chosen to call yours. For example, if your house is mostly consisting of glass doors then maybe the glass break sensor would be of more use to you because you are at a higher chance of a glass break in however if your doors are more prone to the idea of being opened up then a motion sensor would solve your worries in a better manner.

Do you have a pet who goes into that particular room?

In case you have a pet then some internal sensors will go off at the first step of your pet in the room however the best bit here is that there are sensors that are also pet immune and if you have pets that are medium sized or small, then you will not be disturbed at the first sound of them entering the protected room.

The mode you have put on will affect your protection level

Throughout, there will be more chances of putting your motion sensor on stay mode because it makes sure that no alarm goes off when you are roaming around your house freely which means that mostly people turn on their detectors at night, meanwhile a glass break detector can be on at all times and provide great protection. Therefore, this is one factor.

The difference in accuracy level

There is definitely a difference in accuracy level as glass break sensors will be activated only at a glass breaking sound however at times it can detect loud sounds and be activated, but motion sensors give more false alarms; therefore making glass break sensors more attractive to people.

Final verdict

The final verdict would definitely be this: choose both! When you are choosing to protect your home with the best of protection then why not make it double, choose interior and exterior both? This will help you sleep better at night and make sure that your loved ones are safe as well.

Therefore, the argument of glass break sensor vs motion sensor ends where their combination comes up as an option. You will get them at a better rate if you choose to get them both set up from the same providers. You can not only feel safer in your own home, but you can also allow your home to be safe when you are not in there, are out working or even out on a nice long trip. Your protection system will not let you down as it is not a manual job, but a properly crafted technology that will help ease your worries.

These days in the day and age of the pandemic, there are so many times when there are incidents of robberies and burglaries due to the high number of people losing their jobs. This is the time when you need it the most to be able to protect yourself from such an incident. You do not want to be one of the people to not understand the complexity of the economic situation in the country today and how people are willing to steal more easily than before. Take care of yourself, and your much loved home. Good luck!

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