Best License plate camera To Buy – Top 10 Reviewed

License Plate Camera

If you’re looking to upgrade your surveillance system, consider adding a license plate camera. Not only are they easy-to-install but their simplicity is also what makes them so effective when it comes to monitoring property and recording evidence in the event of theft or vandalism.

Whether you’re searching for security cameras with which protect your business from crime or merely want something that can keep track of all incoming vehicles at hotels/motels, installing this type of mounting will provide an extra layer protection without being too complicated for everyday users like yourself!

License plate cameras are capable of capturing a clear image, but night vision is more likely to be found in the movies. Features and functions you should look out for when buying one include how often it needs batteries replaced or charging time since many license plates will need an update during work hours where power outlets aren’t easy to access.

So, without any further due, let’s get started and I will show you the best license plate camera to buy in 2023 without falling into any issue:


1. SV3C Outdoor IP Camera


The IP security camera from SV3C has an impressive 4K Ultra HD quality (8 megapixels) and 3840 x 2160p resolution, capable of capturing license plates up to 40 ft. away with its superior lens.

Our top pick is the highly rated IP security camera from SV3C, a reputable brand in the industry who’s made it onto our list based on their high-quality performance. You might spot another offering further down this list but we chose this model for our top pick because of its high-quality qualities featured within including 8 MP image capture which captures images at 4K UHD viewing resolutions making videos crystal clear & feature rich as well!

The new security camera is upgraded with a 5mm fixed lens that has an 82 degree horizontal view and 60 degree vertical viewing angle. This means you can watch your home from anywhere in the world via WiFi as long as it’s connected to your mobile device, iOS or Android.

The smart motion-detection alarms will send alerts directly to your phone if there are any threats detected on the property so you won’t have anything fly under the radar! You can even customize settings for this amazing system by reducing false alarms since they’ll only be sent when absolutely necessary.

2. Honic Night Vision Security Camera


The Honic security camera is equipped with a powerful Sony EXMOR CMOS image sensor. The night vision feature allows you to easily capture objects up to 130 ft away thanks to 4 SMT LEDs and black film panel it has, so read plates even in the dark! This model also brings smart IR technology which automatically adjusts itself depending on whether an object’s close or far from the lens for better focus quality.

The Honic WDR camera is the ideal choice for those struggling to find a camera that can handle less than ideal lighting conditions. With features such as 1920 x 1080p resolution in HD mode and auto-focus, it manages to balance tricky lighting in areas such as showrooms, hallways or any other indoor spaces.

The camera housing is durable and protects your equipment from rugged weather such as rain. It has 4 modes of output including 2-megapixel HD-TVI, 2.0 MP AHD, 1200 TVL wired BNC video output to ensure perfect capturing even in the worst conditions!

3. Amcrest Outdoor Camera


We decided to look at the Amcrest outdoor camera next. It features impressive ultra-high quality 4K with a Sony Starvis image sensor and Ambarella S3LM chipset for high-resolution even in low lighting areas. A 4mm narrow angle lens provides clear, up-close shots of faces and license plates while an 88° viewing angle gives you a wide scope on your premises. The Ultra HD 3840 x 2160p resolution guarantees ultimate clarity with vivid colors that are natural looking.”

You can customize your motion detector alerts, to only receive notifications when you’re away from the feed. This will reduce false alarms and allow you to monitor for intruders no matter where in the world you happen to be. You’ll also get a notification if there’s ever an outage on your camera so that nothing slips past your notice!

Amcrest’s security camera system allows you to record and watch the footage back on your smartphone device using their Amcrest View Pro or Amcrest Cloud app. Additionally, cloud storage means that if anything happens to your home during a break-in, no one will be able to take away all of those past memories! You can also choose how many cameras at once are displayed through the multi-view feature.

The heavy-duty metal encasing the POE ensures its durability against harsh weather conditions. The camera can handle extreme wind, rain, and dust that are common during storms or other inclement weather events which make it an ideal choice for outdoor use in both residential as well as commercial security applications.

4. SV3C Outdoor Surveillance Camera


The next camera we’ve included is the second from SV3C on this list – keep your eyes peeled, there’s another one! The SV3c ProHD features a motorized lens for more convenience with 5 megapixels that ensure clearer images. It has two-way audio and an advanced auto focus viewing angle of 2.7-13.5mm which makes it great versatile security camera.

The next camera on the list is SV3C ProHD. This security cam has a motorized lens for more convenience, with an advanced auto-focus varifocal viewing lens that allows you to adjust your field of vision from 2.7 – 13.5mm wide angle view! It also shoots 5-megapixel images which are sharp enough to see license plates clearly but its versatile features make it great too such as two-way audio capabilities.

The second camera we’ve included in this article is called SV3C ProHD and follows our criteria perfectly – high resolution pictures at up to five megapixels, automatic focusing via its four-element glass system using digital signal processing technology along with infrared night time illumination shooting capability through 12 powerful LEDs.

5. HDView License Plate Camera


The HDView license plate capture camera is a pricey but effective security option. It features 1920 x 1080p full high-definition resolution and 2.4-megapixel Sony sensor for clear images, as well as 5-50mm varifocal long-range lens with adjustable zoom to see both close up or far away objects clearly.

The final security camera we’ve included on the list is the HDView license plate capture cam er at one of the most expensive options available here! The device has an impressive 4-in1 output mode including TVI, CVI AHD and 960H resolutions all in Full High Definition (FHD) quality along with 2.4 Megapixel Sony Sensor for consistently clear pictures even from afar thanks to its unique 50mms.

The N2 Pro SE is the best car camera for night vision because it allows you to capture images at a distance of up 180 ft. The shutter speed control feature ensures that your videos won’t be too blurry, which makes this perfect if you’re looking for better license plate recording options compared with other models on the market.

How to choose License plate camera – Buyers’ Guide

Choosing which product to purchase can be difficult for those who are not familiar with license plate cameras. When buying one, you should keep in mind the intended purpose of your camera and pay attention to its specifications accordingly.

In between LPC & LPR:

There are two types of cameras for reading license plates: LPCs and LPR.

LPCs capture images with special software to tag, record, and store data from the captured image rather than just capturing it as an image. This information can be used to match a recorded license plate number or car’s make/model in databases or other functions making this type very useful.

On the contrary, whereas LCP captures specific images over time without any additional features which makes them less efficient but cheaper options when compared to those equipped with high-end technologies like GPS tracking etc.

HD Resolution:

If you’re looking to purchase a license plate camera, it’s important that the images are high quality. The higher resolution of your camera means the greater distance at which you’ll be able to read off any plates on cars in front of you. Of course, this also usually indicates an expensive price tag but if within your budget it is definitely worth investing in one with great capabilities!

Security cameras come in a variety of resolutions, but typically the minimum resolution you’ll need to be able to read license plates is 1080p. However, if you can get your hands on one with higher resolution such as 1440p or 4K UHD it will yield images that are much clearer and easier to enlarge without distortion or blurring.

Location of camera:

When installing your new license plate camera, be sure to pay attention and choose a location that will ensure it has an optimal viewing angle of the cars coming in and out. A good place for this would be at choke points – small zones where drivers must drive slowly as they enter or leave the premises. Common examples are:

  • Parking lot entrances and exits
  • Side streets or alleyways
  • Drive-throughs
  • Bridges
  • Gates

To improve the accuracy of your camera’s readings, place it in any one of these above locations. Points should be made towards where cars are likely to travel so you do not miss out on capturing them!

Distance & Height:

Before you install your license plate camera, note what distances it can capture plates at according to its specifications. The installation distance range is 20 ft. – 150 ft., so make sure that the license plate images captured are of high quality before installing! The optimal height to mount a security camera is in between 5-7 feet, where it’s able to capture the license plate from directly head on.

If you install your cameras too high or low, not only can people walk past and obstruct the view of car plates but also distort their shape which makes them more difficult for machines reading information off them.


If you’re going to use your license plate camera outside, it’s important that the casing is waterproof. Otherwise, images will be less clear on rainy days and render the product ineffective.

The IP rating tells us how resistant a security camera is against water damage in poor conditions; we should check this specification information section when looking for quality cameras so we know what products are best suited for our needs.

Night View:

The ultimate security surveillance feature is night vision. However, you can’t choose something with poor specs like car headlights blocking out license plate numbers if they don’t have good night vision capabilities. The first step to finding the right security camera is checking its capabilities.

If you need your cameras for nighttime use, look out for infrared (IR) technology as these are able to capture license plates in pitch-black settings where regular ‘night vision’ CCTV may struggle. This is because IR does not require visible white light to function; it emits no illumination of its own and thus stays stealthy even during low lighting conditions.

Frequently Asked Question: Based on user experience

Basic reason to use license plate camera:

License plate cameras can be used for a number of security reasons including business surveillance, home monitoring, and police performance checks. This advanced technology is being implemented in businesses to monitor cars entering or exiting premises as well as use by the police department who are now equipped with this high-tech equipment to run vehicle insurance status checkups on suspicious vehicles.

Does license plate camera work at night:

Yes. With modern advances in technology, many quality license plate cameras offer night vision to read plates even when it’s dark. However, the clarity of the image depends on the IR- without sufficient light exposure, a clear picture cannot be captured by photo sensors and plated are simply not visible or readable under low lighting conditions.


The SV3C Outdoor IP Camera is one of the best license plate cameras on the market right now because it’s jam-packed with awesome tech. It can capture plates up to 40 ft. away and has 4k Ultra HD quality, making sure you never miss another number plate again!

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