How To Install a Ring Doorbell On Brick Without Holes 2023?

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Everybody wants to keep their home clean from the stains on their house walls and even from holes. Nobody wants to see holes on their main door just because of the installation of the doorbell. If you are also one of them and are worried about how to install a ring doorbell on brick without drilling holes and searching its answer, then do stick with us to the end.

You can easily install a ring doorbell on brick without holes. One of the most interesting things about the ring doorbell is you can install a ring doorbell without holes because this doorbell doesn’t require any wire into the existing electrics. Ring doorbell can run off the power from its battery. So, you don’t need to drill any unsightly holes.

There are several ways to mount ring doorbells without screwing or drilling for holes, but all are not for brick some are described below:



1.Use Ring’s peephole Cam

One of the most preferred methods is the ring’s peephole cam. A product is launched in 2019 for the apartment renter’s needs or those who have a door with a built-in peephole. It inserts on the outside of the door and it doesn’t require drilling for holes.

Ring’s peephole notifies you via phone application that someone is on your door. It allows communicating with the people who are present in front of the door. Its camera offers you 1080p HD resolution, night vision, motion detection, Alexa support, and many more.

2.Use Command Strips to hang a ring doorbell

Command strips are mostly used to hang pictures. It is an easy and quick solution though but it is the most less secure method to install your expensive ring doorbell and please don’t make it easy for a thief to take off the ring doorbell from the command strips. So, this method is not recommended because of the above reasons.

3.Use Double-Sided Tape to Hang a ring doorbell?

It is the easiest way to hang a ring doorbell but it is also easiest for a thief to take off it easily from the wall or door. It may seem like a viable solution that does not require drilling holes. But it is worth remembering that if you put less effort to hang a ring doorbell then it also takes less effort to steal it.

4.Use Ring’s No-Drill Mount to Hang a ring doorbell?

It is another method to hang the ring doorbell using the ring’s no-drill mount without drilling for any holes. This is designed for fixing brackets relies explicitly upon an adhesive for mounting. When you use the mounting bracket, so you don’t have to be screwed your ring doorbell. It would be a good you rather than using double-sided tape or using command strips for ring doorbell. option for

Can You Attach Ring Doorbell To Brick?

How To Install a Ring Doorbell On Brick Without Holes 2023?

Yes, you can attach a ring doorbell to a brick wall to screw it and it does not require holes because the ring doorbell doesn’t require a wire for it directly instead of using double-sided tape or the ring’s no-drill mount. After all, these methods are only for smooth surfaces. You can also use the ring’s peephole cam if you don’t want to drill holes on your brick wall.

How to install Your Ring Doorbell?

How to install Your Ring Doorbell?
  • After unboxing your ring doorbell, you first have to charge your doorbell. You can charge your battery by plugging it in and having a red and green light. It takes 6 hours to fully charge.
  • You can start the installation of the ring doorbell when its battery is full.
  • If you want to install a ring doorbell then you first have to install the Ring app on your desktop or your smartphone. It will help you to control your device.
  • After installing the Ring app, you first have to sign up for an account. Open the app, click on create an account and follow the given instructions. It will require you’re your personal information like your name, location, and your email address. After entering your information, you’ll get an email to confirm your sign-up. Now you can start installing your doorbell.
  • Click on the Setup a device option in Ring’s app. You’ll need to define your device like in our case the device will be Doorbell.
  • Now scan the code which is on the packaging of the ring doorbell. After this, you’ll be asked to give the name of your device like the front door or back door, etc.
  • Then you’ll be asked to give your street address for monitoring services if you finally decide to purchase them.
  • After this, press the orange button present on the back of the ring doorbell device. When the light on the front starts spinning white then the ring doorbell going to enter the setup mode.
  • When it enters the setup mode, you should connect your Wi-Fi to your ring doorbell device. For connecting your device to Wi-fi, you’ll be asked to choose your home network. You can find that option in the Wi-Fi settings. Once you get that, you need to enter your Wi-Fi password.
  • If you have done, your ring doorbell will resume flashing. If the blue light flashes 4 times then your device is connected. If you can not see 4 times flashing of blue light then you can begin mounting the device.

If you finish the installation of the ring doorbell then you must configure and adjust the Ring’s app setting according to your need. You can also pair it with the Amazon Alexa for voice control.

How To Install a Ring Doorbell On Brick Without Holes 2023?


You can install your ring doorbell without holes on brick by using many methods. Some are good but some are less secure because they are easy removal by everybody and have a risk to steal by the thief. The best one is to use the ring’s peephole cam but it is only for doors with an existing peephole. But if you don’t want to attach your doorbell to your door then you can use the ring’s no-drill method to install your ring doorbell on brick without holes. I hope this blog helps you to solve your mind queries. Let me know about this in the comment section given below.

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