Best child proof door locks Under $50 2023

child proof door locks

It’s terrifying to think about the safety of your child. Whether it be in the home or out, you want them to always feel safe and secure. If they’re not, then there is no feeling like this for a parent. Then you need Child proof door locks to manage your hard tasks.

There are many ways that parents can keep their children safe at home- one way is by installing childproof door locks on all exterior doors leading outside of the house. These locks will ensure that only those who need access will have it- meaning if someone wants to break into your house, they’ll still have another obstacle standing in their way!

This blog post discusses 5 different brands of these types of locks so you can find which one suits your needs best!


External Doors:

For parents, the biggest fear is having their young child wander off or go outside without them knowing. Just beyond your house or apartment’s front door are a number of potential dangers: traffic in the street below, an open balcony with no railing to prevent falls, and backyard pools that aren’t fenced-off are just some examples.

Thankfully there are ways to protect all types of exterior doors against these threats by using safety locks on doorknobs (or handles) as well as latches for windows where children can easily fall out.

Deadbolt or Security Chain:

Children are very good at finding ways to unlock doors. One-way parents can childproof their front door is by installing a deadbolt or security chain that high enough for children not to reach even if they find something to stand on, like a chair. However some parents choose not do this because it requires you remember lock the deadbolt or reattach the security chain each time you close the door which may be hard when your hands are full of groceries and baby supplies!

Cover For Door Knob:

For round doorknobs, there are locks available that fit over most standard-sized existing knobs. These types of door securing products prevent a child from opening the door by making it more complicated to turn the knob similar to childproof caps on medicine bottles. They remain on the knob and you don’t need to remember putting them back in place each time because they stay attached permanently when installed correctly unlike deadbolts or security chains which must be put into use every time someone needs through a doorway.

Many knob covers require the adult to squeeze two buttons simultaneously, which can be more difficult for smaller hands. Other models allow you to turn the knob only by sticking your thumb and index fingers through holes in the cover; this is not an option for children with short fingers who cannot open doors independently.

Lever Handle Doors:

Lever-style door handles are most common in homes and can be easily opened by toddlers. However, they’re not the only ones that benefit from specially designed covers to fit onto these doors–screws driven into the door also hold them securely in place!

Doors with lever-style handles are easy for children of all ages to open; grabbing a handle and pulling down opens it quickly without any difficulty. They aren’t the only type of doorhandle which benefits from specialized protection though – screws installed on either side help keep levers firmly shut too!

Sliding Doors:

If you have sliding glass doors in your home, there are also devices available to secure them. For example , flip locks for sliding glass doors will stick to the door with an adhesive strip and prevent it from opening when flipped up . You can then simply flip this lock down before using the door again. We recommend installing these 10-15 inches above where a child could reach (e.g., latch) on each side of the door – otherwise they’re not very effective!

Internal Doors:

If you plan to child proof your home, it is important to secure interior doors within the house. You will want to restrict access to areas and rooms that have safety hazards or which cannot be entirely baby proofed such as the bathroom, basement utility closet or pantry.

Top Lock Door:

The top lock device is a great solution for almost all types of interior doors. Unlike knob or handle covers, this product can be installed directly on the door and door frame simultaneously making it easy to install without causing any damages to either surface.

The average person would have no problem fitting their hand through this locking mechanism but children will not easily twist the latch open by reaching over from side-to-side as long as they are unable to grasp onto anything else within reach including doorknobs; adults should also find that opening up these locks with one quick turn is quite simple too!

Door Monkey:

Make a door childproof with this simple device! This type of locking clip clips onto the doorframe, gently gripping it so that you can open and close your doors while also leaving room for air to circulate in. It’s perfect for people who have pets or small children but don’t want them getting into rooms they’re not supposed to be in- just remember that if you’ve got toddlers these are no good because they’ll probably get their fingers caught when trying to pry back off. Overall, very easy installation process as well as preventing those pesky slams from happening too frequently on little ones’ hands.

Unlock Release Door:

If you’re worried about your child getting locked in a room, consider changing out the door knob for one with an unlock release. This is especially helpful if there’s ever an emergency where they lock themselves inside of a bathroom or another part of the house – this allows you to open it from outside without needing any tools. You can use something thin and long like a safety pin or very small screwdriver as well.

Other Tips you may need for Childproofing Your Home:

There are two important ways to childproof your windows, locks and alarms. Locks prevent kids from wandering outside because they won’t be able open the window without a key or code. Alarms keep you informed if one of them is opened so that you can call for help in an emergency situation such as a fall out of the window which could result into serious injury or death.

Here are the top 5 best child proof door locks in 2023 to keep your children safe from harm when you need a moment of peace.

In this day and age, it is important for parents everywhere to make sure their homes stay as secure against intruders while still keeping them accessible enough so that they can go about doing regular activities without too much trouble.

Childproofing doors has become increasingly popular over time because of how many accidents there have been involving young people getting left behind or locked inside rooms where no one could hear them cry out for help; some even get hurt trying to escape on their own! These devices may not be necessary if everybody knows what’s up with all these kids running around like free birds but sometimes things happen unexpectedly.

1. Outsmart Lever Handle Lock

Key Features

  • Strong body design
  • Hidden functional buttons
  • No tool required
  • Easy installation


The Outsmart Lever Handle Lock is a device that can be installed on the inside of any door with a lever handle. It allows you to lock and unlock your door without using keys, but first-time users should read through all instructions thoroughly so they know how it works. The decoy button has been designed to look just like the real one so anyone trying flimsy tactics won’t get far in opening your house’s doors.

If someone pushes this fake “button”, they’ll hear an audible click yet nothing else will happen since these buttons are hidden behind hinges which cannot be seen from outside homes or buildings for extra security measures against thieves & burglars who want easy targets instead of setting their eyes on difficult tasks at hand!


  • Sleek body design
  • No tools required to start
  • Can control door mechanism automatically
  • Deactivate when no longer in use


  • Not any this time

2. TKK-02SN Tkk-Sn Digital Door Knob Lock

Key Features

  • Knob lock style
  • Nickle color
  • Lightweight
  • Batteries required


The TKK-02SN Digital Door Knob Lock with Electronic Keypad is a high-quality door lock for home use. It has the ability to add up to 6 user codes, so you can store your family members or friends’ access codes and avoid sharing keys like in old school days.

The keypad is easy programming; simple key pad programming procedure adds or deletes users in seconds without having any hassle of complicated dialing system. This knob lock also has Bluetooth function but it doesn’t work on Android devices which could be an issue that needs attention if one wants this feature too much like I do (laughs).

However, the good news about adjustable design makes sure that fits left and right-handed doors – ANSI Grade 3 requirements are met well.


  • High quality security
  • Powerful body material
  • 25 years warranty
  • Reliable & easy to use


  • Required separate battery

3. BETERTEK Door Knob Safety Cover for Kids

The best door knob safety covers are vital to making sure that your children stay safe in the house. These great devices can help you keep everything locked up while still allowing adults access, and they’re easy for anyone but small children to open when needed!


This adorable door knob cover will keep your kids safe in two ways. First, it’ll prevent them from accidentally locking themselves in a room or opening doors that might be hazardous to their safety. Second, children would have difficulty trying to open the doorknob with this product on! You could rest easy knowing you won’t come home and find out they’ve locked themselves inside while playing hide-and seek again.

The product is made of Polypropylene fiber material which makes it non toxic odorless pollution free stronger ideal for baby proofing your doorknobs with.

What’s Good:

This product is great for parents who are worried about their child opening doors in the house. It’s easy to assemble and fits most standard doorknobs!

What’s Bad:

The product is promising, but it looks cheaply designed. The material of plastic does not appear sturdy and durable enough to last through years. Also, the size might be too small for standard doorknobs or big enough that some doors cannot open with its assistance at all times.


  • Affordable item
  • Very effective device
  • Ideal for walking babies


  • Plastic made
  • Not fit in most doors

4. Safety 1st Child Proof Clear View Stove Knob Covers

Some children are very curious beings. They love to open and close, twist, and turn everything that intrigues them – which is a part of their development process but can lead to danger at some point. You don’t want your child alone in the kitchen unless it’s mealtime because they might get hurt by fiddling with stove knobs or other objects there even if you’ve already made your home safe for young ones through baby proofing efforts like installing knob covers on stoves etc.


Now you can protect your kids, kitchen and home from fires with these affordable five-piece covers. With a non-adhesive attachment that is easy to use for anyone in the family it’s perfect! Stop children from twisting knobs unattended by wrapping them up inside clear oven door knob coverings.

What’s Good:

Keeping kids away from your stove is a tough task, but the knob covers are here to help. This small device can keep them safe by making it difficult for even adults to turn on oven knobs easily.

Protecting children at home is no easy feat – particularly when they’re unattended and have access to dangerous items like stoves or fireplaces. Fortunately, there are objects that can not only protect our young ones’ lives but also make things easier for us as parents!

The simple stove knob cover has many functions: its primary purpose being protecting little fingers against getting burned around appliances where heat comes out of handles (as you know all too well). But if someone does try turning up the temperature while one’s child isn’t looking?

What’s Bad:

A stove knob cover is not a perfect fit for all stove knobs. It also may scratch your kitchen counter when you remove it, so be very careful to take caution while removing them from the surfaces.


  • Very good quality
  • Strong body material
  • Problem solving item


  • Made of plastic

5. Max Strength Pro Door Knob Covers & Corner Protectors

To keep children safe from any potential danger, parents should invest in safety covers for doors. These door locks include a padded cover that prevents little fingers from becoming trapped between the closing door and frame or getting caught by an opening one.


You can now safeguard multiple rooms and ensure your kids have a safe place to play and grow. This door knob cover is designed to fit most brands of doorknobs; it’s guaranteed to work on all types! What makes this one even more amazing is that sometimes adults get stuck inside these locks as well–and they’re having trouble getting out.

What’s Good:

This product has a design suitable for any type of décor. You can install it easily, without need to be tech-savvy; and even children cannot remove the cover because you will require special tools that only adults would have access to in order to take off this doorknob protector.

What’s Bad:

I am disappointed in this product, because it does not contain a list of brands that fit the doorknob cover and there isn’t even a chart. It is very hard to remove from the knob once you apply on top of an existing lock!


  • Easy to install
  • Very economical package
  • Safety guaranteed from all babies


  • The product is too large to fit in many doorknobs.

Final Words:

So, this is all about the best child proof door locks. I hope you found some great products out there. If you want to ask anything about today’s topic do let me know because I am always here to help you and will try to solve your issues with my experience. I will see you around in some next article that will be beneficial for you. See you soon!

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